So, I have to say, having an elder sister figure is the best thing that could ever happen to a young girl. I was lucky to have a lot of them and here are some lessons I’ve learnt. From dealing with friends, to life coping skills, I have learnt a lot which has made meContinue reading “DAY 15: LESSONS I LEARNT FROM MY SISTER(part A)”

Day 5: The Devil’s Sickle

Okay, so, this one might send a few chills down your spine, so, if you’re not a fan of creepy things, you might not enjoy it. Along the line, you were taught the vices, good and bad, God is white, white is good. Satan is black, black is bad, evil. You began to turn upContinue reading “Day 5: The Devil’s Sickle”

Day 4: Stories My Mother told me.

Before I start the story, I’d just like to say, story telling has to be the best thing that ever happened to me. Even in the midst of all the darkness that seemed to be hovering, you were still your mother’s daughter, and but a child. You always looked forward to whenever she would comeContinue reading “Day 4: Stories My Mother told me.”

Day 3. Playing with the spirits.

Sinking deeper into yourself,Farther from the world,Farther into obscurity,Away from every day of light. And then one day, it all came crumbling down, you thought you were secure in your own world, you thought you were fine, safely tucked away, but then the spirits struck, hitting bone and flesh, eating deep into your flesh. ItContinue reading “Day 3. Playing with the spirits.”


And then when life gets to usWe think to ourselvesWe have no choice but to run,Run as fast as we can,Out of sight, out of mind,we run far away fromwhere we can be seen or heard Well, growing up was tough on most of us. Kids were mean and everyone expected your to be happy,Continue reading “DAY 2: INTO THE SHADOWS.”

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