My journey to the bar ⚖

Season1 Episode 10 As my first semester slowly dragged to an end(after over a year lol), I found myself struggling with personality crisis, anxiety and depression.I feared the uncertainty. If you’ve followed from the beginning, you’d know that I have a huge superiority complex and a fragile ego when it comes to my academics. I’veContinue reading “My journey to the bar ⚖”


As a child they were to make me laugh,I grew a little older and they proceeded to teach me the difference between good and bad,A few more years and they were to encourage me and cheers me on.At puberty they took a new turn they became teachings and warnings,They evolved into lessons and motivations. ThenContinue reading “DAY 15: LESSONS I LEARNT FROM MY SISTER(part b)”

The world came crumbling down.🥀

Brother Emeka was my mother’s Idol, she literally worshiped the ground he walked on and met all his needs. I grew up living with my mother, father and two elder sisters, Amarachi and Dumebi. My father was an engineer and worked with a construction company,  while my mother, a petty trader. During the time ofContinue reading “The world came crumbling down.🥀”

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