Season 1, episode 7: Online classes. (Part 1) It was a normal wednesday morning in December and I was about setting up my laptop for my lessons on programming when I got a text from my class group chat. My classmate Anu sent a message, saying that we should all tune into channels and IContinue reading “MY JOURNEY TO THE BAR⚖️”


Season 1, Episode 6: Bullies, bland tears, and breaking off. Okay, so, I know reading this, you might be surprised(I mean, law is on break innit?) Well, physically, yes, but thanks to the internet we can all communicate like we’re practically together, in the same place. So, I don’t know if you might probably relateContinue reading “MY JOURNEY TO THE BAR. ⚖”

My journey to the bar. ⚖

Season 1, Episode 4: LAW STUDENTS ARE PROUD! The biggest and most popular rumour in the history of all Nigerian Universities is the fact that all law students are uncultured, proud and arrogant. From the time I began screening, people had began to tell me to not follow the footsteps of other law students andContinue reading “My journey to the bar. ⚖”

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