I’m the most organized- unorganised person ever. You see, I’m obsessed with having everything under control, with planning out everything and making sure everything goes as planned, on schedule, but yet, I am the laziest person ever and most times I don’t follow up with my plans and I end up depressed and sad forContinue reading “Spontaneity”

The pitfalls of the present.

The present.‘And when we fly,when we defy the laws of physics,when we defy the laws of biology,the laws of the world,then I’d find the peace I yearn,the tranquillity as the air,rushes into my face, slowly, slowly,it grants me my ever sought peace.’~Aderemi Jolting me out of my dreams, like cold water poured on the skinContinue reading “The pitfalls of the present.”

The slaps of reality

You never understand the worth of something/someone until they’re gone. ~Anonymous My younger brother walked up to me a sunny afternoon last week. ‘ADEREMI, ADEREMI!!’, He called, ‘we’re playing this game, and the thing is that, you have to choose which super power you want to have’. I let out a thin smile and toldContinue reading “The slaps of reality”

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