My journey to the bar ⚖

Season1 Episode 10 As my first semester slowly dragged to an end(after over a year lol), I found myself struggling with personality crisis, anxiety and depression.I feared the uncertainty. If you’ve followed from the beginning, you’d know that I have a huge superiority complex and a fragile ego when it comes to my academics. I’veContinue reading “My journey to the bar ⚖”


I’m the most organized- unorganised person ever. You see, I’m obsessed with having everything under control, with planning out everything and making sure everything goes as planned, on schedule, but yet, I am the laziest person ever and most times I don’t follow up with my plans and I end up depressed and sad forContinue reading “Spontaneity”


Season 1, episode 7: Online classes. (Part 1) It was a normal wednesday morning in December and I was about setting up my laptop for my lessons on programming when I got a text from my class group chat. My classmate Anu sent a message, saying that we should all tune into channels and IContinue reading “MY JOURNEY TO THE BAR⚖️”

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