Well, heartbreaks are very normal things, and if you’re an emotional person like I am, little things would hurt you and it could take you years and a lot of closure to get over it.

Whether the heartbreak is from when you your father insulted you and kicked you like a dog, or when the boy you liked didn’t like you back, or when your best friend dumped you, or probably when you lost opportunities.

Breathe. These things are a normal part of life, you would heal. It may not be now, it may not be soon, but someday, you would. Cry, cry and cry. Crying helps to purge you. Feel free to let it all out and talk to a trusted friend. Healing would come your way.

Published by AderemiChukwu

I love writing, I'm an equalist and a strong promoter of egalitarianism and Feminism. I hope to touch lives and make an impact in this world. I'm the next big thing.❤

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