Love. It is the most misunderstood word in the whole word. Many people have many different definitions of it, and well, being an opinionated person, here’s mine.

Love is the greatest thing ever. It is also what we desperately need in this world. Here’s why;

When you love someone you won’t rape or murder the person, you won’t be jealous of the people, you won’t kidnap their children, you won’t want to see them sad or in pain. You would sacrifice for them and push them to be better people.

I am a Christian and I believe so much in the bible. The bible defines love for us as being kind, patient, enduring and so on. I think showing love would help us all be better people.

Love and Light.

Published by AderemiChukwu

I love writing, I'm an equalist and a strong promoter of egalitarianism and Feminism. I hope to touch lives and make an impact in this world. I'm the next big thing.❤

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