I know you were probably expecting a whole lecture on breat cancer, care of breast and all those things, but no, I’d be writing on something completely different.

Puberty is different in everyone. Some experience it early, while some very late. Some of those who fall under the path of those that experience it early are usually thought older than their actual age and are molested in some cases. They often feel uncomfortable in their own bodies and are often victims of low-self esteem. They are taunted by their own mates and often fell out of place.

Then the next category are the ones who don’t develop as fast as their mates. They’d often feel left out and would probably withdraw themselves because they feel in their hearts that they can’t/won’t fit it.

Then the third category which is the worst is the ones with abnormal puberty. A part of the body growing way faster than the other. It sounds funny and unrealistic, but it’s true, It happens. These category us probably the most miserable category because they cannot explain what is wrong with them, and they are treated like plagues and avoided. They often withdraw from everyone and everything.

The point is that, we should all try to show love to everyone, inspite of how they look and always try to understand why some people act the way they do.

Published by AderemiChukwu

I love writing, I'm an equalist and a strong promoter of egalitarianism and Feminism. I hope to touch lives and make an impact in this world. I'm the next big thing.❤

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