Day 5: The Devil’s Sickle

Okay, so, this one might send a few chills down your spine, so, if you’re not a fan of creepy things, you might not enjoy it.

Along the line, you were taught the vices, good and bad, God is white, white is good. Satan is black, black is bad, evil. You began to turn up your noses at people who were ‘too dark’, and you tried to hard to fit in among the light people, because who wanted to be called dark? No one.

‘Thy shall not lie, thy shall not steal, respect your parents as they are your small God on earth’. It was sang into you ears everyday. You were told that you should always steer clear from the darkness and fear it, and long for the light.

That night, you cannot clearly remember what happened, but you told a lie, for the fun of it. They say, the heart of a child longs for forbidden things, well, you heart wasn’t longing for something just forbidden, it was longing for an abomination.

You told a lie, and rather than being explained to, you were roughly shaken and told how you had become a child of the Devil. You were told how the Devil would come with his rod and sickle, every but of detail was described to you, you were explained to how the Devil would poke you eyes and nose.

Published by AderemiChukwu

I love writing, I'm an equalist and a strong promoter of egalitarianism and Feminism. I hope to touch lives and make an impact in this world. I'm the next big thing.❤

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