My journey to the bar.⚖

Season 1,Episode 1: FREEDOM AT LAST.

It was a hot Sunday in January, and I was happy.

I had always dreamt of going off to school, and having all the freedom I wanted. My parents were advocates of the “anti-boarding school” geng so I had to wait until I gained admission into the university. I put in my best in my jamb and post utme, and thank God for life, I secured it, on merit. Since the day I clicked on “accept admission” on my jamb caps, I had began anticipating and counting down. I was excited.

Registration and Screening came and I was excited to meet my classmates and to be called “fresher” (which I would come to hate). Soon, it was time for balloting (okay, I have to explain somethings, Unilag, being a small school, has limited hostel space. So, hostel is given through a system known as balloting. So, in order to secure a hostel on campus, you have to log in to the school’s website and have super fast internet, you also have to be prepared to spend hours on the portal because the site crashes as a result of the large amount of people on it.)

I feel I was lucky in my first year because I was one of the few freshers that secured a bed space. My parents had no excuse to keep me home.

I had spent hours packing, unpacking, and repacking my bags. I wanted to be sure I didn’t need to come home for anything. Even though my father tried to discourage me from taking too much things, I still packed as much as I could carry.

Finally, the day came, even though I was delayed for a week, the day came. It was a hot Sunday in January, and I was happy.

The drive to school felt like forever, and immediately I got to school, I began dragging my box into my hostel to check in. Only when I had secured my bed and locker did I call my friends to inform them that I had gotten to school. My parents could clearly see that I couldn’t contain my joy and my mother even made a joke about me not going to miss home. But she was right, I was sick of home. Immediately their car drove away, I began screaming and laughing hysterically like a mad person, and it took my friend Rachelle to calm me down. It was a new phase of my life and I was excited.

Till later …

Yours truly,


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I love writing, I'm an equalist and a strong promoter of egalitarianism and Feminism. I hope to touch lives and make an impact in this world. I'm the next big thing.❤

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