IPA: /ɹeɪp/

The act of forcing sexual intercourse upon another person without their consent or against their will; originally coitus forced by a man on a woman, but now any sexual act forced by any person upon another person.

This has always been something I heard on T.V, something I’ve always read about in magazines, something I felt would always happen, but not to anyone around me, talk more of myself.

I look down at my leg, it itched from the dried blood. My vagina hurt and I have this uneasy feeling, yet my mind can’t process what just happened. Brother Obiora, sweet and loving Brother Obiora who brought me chocolates every time he came visiting, who told me never to let anyone take advantage of me, who told me that my body is the sanctuary of God and I shouldn’t let anyone defile me, Brother Obiora who made me take the purity oath.
I stagger back and fall on the ground, “this can’t be true”, I mumble to myself, “I’m in a dream, yes, this is a dream” I pick up a stick immediately and hit my legs with it in a bid to wake up, but, I have to face the reality.
I hear noises and footsteps and I realise that Mum is walking towards me, and I honestly don’t think I have the courage the talk to anyone, especially mama.
I immediately stand up and smile, “nno mama” I call, “how are you?”, She stared at me for a while and said, “Nne, what’s wrong with you, your face is swollen and your temperature is high”, she said while touching my face.
“Nothing Ma,” I say while removing her hand from my face.
“I just have a mild fever, nothing more”
“If you say so Nne” she replied.
She then told me to go inside to eat, on my way inside, I spotted brother Obiora sitting on the chair watching TV. He still had the boxers on that was stained with my blood.
He grinned at me and called me to sit beside him, I ignored him and went to my room. About 20 minutes later, mother came into my room to ask why I hadn’t eaten, I replied that I wasn’t hungry, but she insisted that I should go and eat, so I had to.

My mom has always been concerned about my well being. She was of the opinion that a thin child was a sick child. She grew up hungry so she knew the value of food and being her only child she always tried to pamper me with food. She was also the only child of her parents, until she was about 15 years when her mother had brother Obiora. She single handedly saw brother Obiora through nursery, primary and secondary school. Her bride price was saved and used in paying for brother Obiora’s University school fees. She was only educated up to secondary school, but she was brilliant and a hard worker.My father used to call her ‘dike’ which means ‘warrior’ because of her fighting spirit. While giving birth to me, she had complications and couldn’t have more children, hence she always treated me like an egg.

Photo credits: Google images.

As I walked to the dining to eat my mom called, ‘Nne, why is your skirt stained, don’t you know how to clean up yourself when you’re menstruating’, ‘I’m sorry ma’ I replied. As I got up to go to my room, she asked, ‘gbo, I thought you said said you saw your period last week, are you playing games with me, I didn’t raise you to tell lies’ ’emm, the thing is’ I stammered. As I began to think of a lie, I remember brother Obiora’s grin, and the way he looked at me and licked his lips, I burst out crying that brother Obiora had raped me, and that it had started with the touches, how he pulled my buttocks, and how he always reach into my shirt and touch my breasts. I said all these amidst tears, my mother couldn’t control herself. She broke down in tears and fell to the ground. She immediately got up and ran to brother Obiora’s room, she began raining curses on him and crying. I just stood in a corner and wept. After a while she went to her room and sat down, she then boiled water and called me to clean me up. After that she begged me not to tell anyone as my uncle could be killed if it was heard. I was shocked at what I was hearing, I began to wish my father was alive, all these things wouldn’t be happening if the trailer didn’t try to overtake his car and crush him, I cried and cried as she boiled the water and cleaned me up, and as she fed me cold yams, and I cried until I fell asleep.

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I love writing, I'm an equalist and a strong promoter of egalitarianism and Feminism. I hope to touch lives and make an impact in this world. I'm the next big thing.❤

5 thoughts on “Chinaza🍁

  1. I wonder if I should like this because of the story it tells but the craftswomanship is superb. It hurts to know that one’s pains could always be doused to prevent”a scene”


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